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Why preschool is important during this pandemic

The times that humanity is living in presently is unrivalled or unprecedented. During these trying times,we must make some choices so that one can make the best out of the present scenario.

One of these choices can be online schooling, particularly online pre-schooling. As many of us are aware that most of the human brain develops during the initial period of childhood, particularly 0-5 years, considered as the foundation years, is a pivotal time. To avoid learning loss and making up to the time gone by, online structured learning can be deemed important as well as useful.

During these initial years, most of the child’s social skills are put to test. The more interactive the child becomes, the more social connection and awareness he/ she gains.

Toddlers as early as 2-3 years always want to do more, this comes naturally to them. Exploring their latent talents is the best during this age, which can further be useful in moulding their future fruitfully. Children this age, learn to use lots of words and make sentences. Apart from academics, online school for toddlers can prove to be a guide where they are taught to learn via play.

Toddlers learn to gain muscle control, balance and co-ordination at this tender age and helping them mastering and overcoming their fears, using their imagination by asking and answering, help them to stay active and mentally alert.

Enrolling toddlers to such online schools and classes daily for a certain time span can prove beneficial for their persona. Pre-schools which provide academic knowledge as well as delve into extra curriculars such as music, fitness and mental strength can be considered as the right choice for our little angels.

Children are naturally active and because of the present scenario where most of us are stuck with limited options,academics and mastering physical skills can be made fun for the toddlers via online pre school, so why not avail it? While one can!

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