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The Nurturing Roots

We Indians have heard of the ancient Gurukul System which almost dates back to 5000 BC. It was primarily a residential schooling system, prevalent during the Vedic ages where every child was taught discipline, cultural values along other subjects. Somewhere over millennia’s our original schooling system changed by the foreign invaders and what we follow today is not even close to our cultural roots. We as founders at Nurturing Roots thought that it’s a crucial factor that is missing and that’s how Nurturing Roots Preschool took birth.

We discovered that there was something vital missing from our education system and it had succumbed down to just books and grades. Hence the advent of a Daycare center along with the Preschool. In the busy city life where parents get a limited amount of time to spend time with their infants, we wanted to fill in the gap. We wanted the kids not just to learn the A, B, C, D’s or numeric’s in life but we wanted to inculcate the traditional Gurukul system with the modern way of living.  

A place where their only focus would not just be just academics but it would be an amalgamation of psychological growth, personal development, learning the essence of living morally besides civic responsibilities, and of course a lot of play. We don’t intend to bring them up like robots wanting to push them into a rat race which our generation unfortunately experienced. We want to help them to grow as responsible, decision-making individuals. Our team comprises of highly educated individuals; each person is a professional in their field of work. Hence we can proudly say that we can help nurture your kids in a gamut of skills.  

We at Nurturing Roots intend to help the kids discover and develop in an array of aspects may it be communication, discovering their creative bent, development of interpersonal behavior, enhancing their social interaction ability but most importantly bringing them up with morals and principles. 0 to 5 years are the most important years of growing up, we at nurturing roots, nurture – a much-sorted meaning; care for and help them grow. 

We currently provide online classes at these times of need. We do the best we can to help your child get educated in the right direction. We don’t impart just education but we impart a life lesson that will make a difference to our tomorrow. Your kids, our kids are our tomorrow and our future. We want to stick with our roots and nurture the future.  Hence we proudly proclaim that we are NURTURING ROOTS…

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