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Senior KG

Where Learning is Fun for every child!

After completing Junior KG, it becomes important for the child to gradually advance his cognitive development. At The Nurturing Roots, when a child gets admission in Senior KG, we assure his level of understanding of things is widened and he feels confident to try new things.

We slowly expose them to higher thinking abilities and enforce self reliance for the first time. The child slowly feels more independent and confident at this stage. We do not want a single minute they spend with us to go without creating a value addition for them.


A Rising Star with us!

Learning here is playful, explorative and challenging because we offer unique innovative activities to stimulate and enhance teaching.

Explorative Learning

Our children are taught and encouraged to learn from their experiences and environment because we believe explorative learning stays with a child forever.

Academic Excellence

We are a dedicated team of passionate educators who are working round the clock to build lifelong learners who are creative and responsible too.

Sports and Activities

We have a well framed sports curriculum for positively channelizing the energies of our super active children. Our activities build confidence in young children.

Expanding Life Skills

Children  learn new life skills at every stage. We expand their capabilities and interests through lots of activities.

Playful Experiences

It is a promise to create the most beautiful childhood memories for your children where they will learn and grow to become bright and responsible future citizens.

Building Self Reliance

Through various activities and playful experiences, we help children gain confidence and become the best versions of themselves.

Age Group 5 to 6 Years

Lay a Strong Foundation for the Future!

Through our Rising Stars Program, our professionally trained teachers present a wide variety of lessons based on mathematical, logical and analytical thinking including numeracy and literacy to realize their full learning potential.

We focus on their Inter and Intrapersonal skills to nurture their innate ability to become social and responsible human beings. Our curriculum is designed to develop an emotional quotient in children at this tender age to enhance their decision-making skills and foster leadership qualities.

Catch them young ,we them young ,we nurture responsible young citizens by introducing them to sustainable play ,growth and learning opportunities as per UN SDG goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our peculiarly created gross motor zone, play system and Montessori Method give children plenty of exposure to help them to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills.        

At The Nurturing Roots Preschool and Daycare, all our teachers are well trained and experienced. They receive continuous trainings through our Teachers Training Program.

Yes, we provide freshly cooked meals for our Daycare children only.

Yes, we have transport facilities available at The Nurturing Roots Preschool and Daycare.

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