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The first 5 years of life are actually the most of difficult things like language, manners, reciprocating, and a lot of behavioral patterns.

Those are the most important years of growing up and that is where we come into the picture. We at nurturing roots, nurture – a much-sorted meaning; care for and help them grow. We provide Online classes at these times of need. We do the best and only academically but holistically. How much ever important that is but it is important to have morals and principles. We don’t impart just education but we impart a life lesson that will make a difference to our tomorrow. Your kids, our kids are our tomorrow and our future. We want to stick with our roots and nurture the future.  

Amidst the rising ravages like mental health, physiological problems,stress and anxiety, the concern among  most parents was regarding the education of their children. “How would it be?” asked most parents. 

While continuous online studying did the the purpose to great extent, like the students were not lagging behind academically, they were still learning and learning in structured format. This way they were still disciplined as they would have been when there was regular school, but there is still room for improvement.

Likewise pre-schoolers and toddlers, who have a much shorter concentration span, slowly started developing the sense of responsibility. Maintaining discipline during the online classes, sitting quietly,  listening to the teacher and trying their level best to get a thumbs up or little stars on their completed H.W as a token of appreciation, were there first steps  into the new method of receiving education.

This way they are learning to discipline themselves which results in fewer behaviourial problems and less tantrums.

Think of it as this way, children hold the key the future, if education comes to a stand-still because of the ongoing pandemic, won’t costing our children the right to their education, hamper their and our future alike? Won’t our society and nation be crippled? Won’t our economy be shackled?

Though the consequences of long screen time are debatable but it is a necessary evil in the present scenario and can be worked upon.

Pause and ponder. Weigh the pros and cons. In the present situation, it is in the best interest of the students, teachers and parents alike to continue the process of learning through digital platforms.


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