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Playgroup marks the beginning of a very important phase in the learning journey of a child. This is the first step a child takes towards his schooling. We, at Nurturing Roots Preschool ensure your child gets the best experience of his childhood.


We provide ample of free play opportunities to a child that help in building his creativity and love towards exploring new concepts everyday. A child develops physically, emotionally and mentally through a lot of meaningful and interactive activities.


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Little Explorer at The Nurturing Roots

We help in laying a strong foundation for a child’s bright future and develop them into an eager lifelong learner.


Opportunities for Free Play

We help children learn and develop through unstructured playful activities that inspire them to creatively explore new concepts.

Encourages Creativity

We understand the importance of boosting creative thinking skills in young children. Creativity sparks confidence in children.

Inspires Thinking Skills

The Nurturing Roots, best playgroup in Maharashtra focuses on igniting young minds through playful and interactive experiences.

Develops Understanding

At this level, a child starts establishing relationships and basic understanding of their needs and level of achievement.

Builds Social Skills

It is for the first time at Playgroup when a child starts developing friendships and begins to work in groups as well as individually.

Love for Lifelong Learning

We want our children to be fond of learning and new discoveries. We encourage them to become patrons of lifelong learning journeys.

Age Group 2 to 3 Years

Join us for a Playful experience

We foster an arrangement that facilitates movement and activity with beauty and harmony in a clean and hygienic environment, where we help children in ‘Identification and Understanding’ according to their learning needs between 24 to 36 months of age. 
We provide exposure towards life skills, develop a habit of sharing and caring and social interaction. TNR fosters understanding emotions and their expression. Our Little Explorer  program creates a strong foundation for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our peculiarly created gross motor zone, play system and Montessori Method give children plenty of exposure to help them to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills.        

At The Nurturing Roots Preschool and Daycare, all our teachers are well trained and experienced. They receive continuous trainings through our Teachers Training Program.

Yes, we provide freshly cooked meals for our Daycare children only.

Yes, we have transport facilities available at The Nurturing Roots Preschool and Daycare.

To know more about our Programs, visit our website or visit our campus.