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Education system today, stands fractured on the grounds of moral value and emotional intelligence. Nurturing roots overflows with love, affection and kindness which helps in raising emotional quotient of your kids. Children at this tender age require a full pouch of qualities like affection, love care for their holistic development.

You might be wondering what makes us different from other pre-schools. Here’s your answer.

Nurturing Roots provides the best daycare service to its students. We at Nurturing Roots pour all our affection and nurture our students with our heart and soul, which makes us different from other preschools.

Emotional quotient is still an unheard topic for many schools and we here are already putting our efforts to improve students’ emotional intelligence along with IQ. In today’s world, where parents get limited time to spend with their infants, we try to fill the gap so that your child doesn’t lack in any field.

Children are flowers that will bloom only when proper sunlight is received. Sunlight here is the proper guidance that a student must receive in order to grow into something beautiful and worthy. Imagine a big tree with no flowers and fruits. It looks depressing, right? Same will be the condition of children if they are overdosed with rote learning and are kept aloof from different extracurricular activities and different important life aspects.

Our vision is to instil moral values, etiquette and confidence in the children even at this age. Good preaching today will not only help students now but also pave the way for future opportunities and growth.

What do we do for their all-round development?

We at The Nurturing Roots, organise different activities and make the students learn and discover their likings in the process. Not a single day is usual under our guidance. Every new day brings a new and positive change in students. They enjoy, they learn and they reciprocate our efforts.

We at Nurturing Roots intend to help the kids discover and develop in an array of aspects may it be communication, discovering their creative bent, development of interpersonal behaviour, enhancing their social interaction ability but most importantly bringing them up with morals and principles. 0 to 5 years are the most important years of growing up, we at nurturing roots, nurture – a much-sorted meaning; care for and help them grow. We organise different kinds of competitions to test their compatibility with skills and how much have they learnt, different sports events to make them physically and mentally active, and many class bonding sessions to develop team spirit and develop their communication skills. There’s no monotonous way of working that excites students and they don’t lose their enthusiasm. We also hold different workshops to bring them up with moral values with small fun interactions.

Whatever the situation may be, be it societal disadvantages or a situation like a pandemic, we make sure it doesn’t obstruct your kids in getting an education. We currently provide online classes at these times of need. We are trying our best to help your child get educated in the right direction. Be it online or offline, the quality of education is always satisfactory. Our teaching is not just restricted to curriculum or syllabus instead it has a wider area and has different aspects to cover. We don’t just impart knowledge related to the curriculum but we impart a life lesson that will make a difference to our tomorrow. Your kids, our kids are our tomorrow and our future. We want to stick with our roots and nurture the future.  Hence we proudly proclaim that we are THE NURTURING ROOTS

Our Locations

Nerul West

Plot no.108, 400706, Sec-18A, Nerul, W, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706
Contact – +917838587500

Nerul East

 Plot 174, opp. Punith Park, near Ayyappa Temple, Sector 17, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706
Contact – +919987090631

Marunji - Pune

Near Life Republic Near R1 & R3 Sector, Marunji, Nere, Maharashtra 410506
Contact – +917821031637

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