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With 14 years of enriched experience in early childhood education and child care, Suhani Gupta & Priyanka Sharma have teamed up to create a unique early childcare program named – The Nurturing Roots. As mothers, they always wanted to give the best learning experience to their children, foster values, culture, and ethics. Developing their emotional quotient to deal with all the faces of life with love and passion. 

With the determination to spread the same warmth and love and increase the horizon of preschool education beyond numeracy and literacy, they realized that there is a lot more nourishment that can be provided to a child through his/her preschool experience. Inculcating Moral Values, Life Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Music, Creative Expressions, and Physical Development help fortify academics and ensure very holistic development.


The Nurturing Roots?

After many years of dedicated research and experience ,we realized that no theme could stand in isolation thus followed the idea of a blended curriculum .a simple theme like “MYSELF” would and should include various aspects, for example, “PEOPLE WHO HELP US” and “MY NEIGHBORHOOD”. Thus, the realization that blend would result in holistic development of a child. 

At the best preschool franchise in Maharashtra, we help the child in widening his/her canvas of learning by intertwining the themes to form a chain .The child’s experience is enriched by leading him from one theme to the other, say when a child is learning about “MYSELF” it correlates with many other themes and that is when it becomes holistic and blended learning programme . 

Our children relates more and better when exposed to such blended themes it also breaks the monotony of learning one concept throughout the month.


We endeavor to lay a strong foundation for future generations and develop Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, and Co-operation at the early stage of development.


While providing a safe, and trustworthy environment which builds a foundation for lifelong learning for children who are spiritual, empathetic, happy & confident.

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Meet our expert team at Nurturing Roots, dedicated to helping clients grow and thrive.

Priyanka Sharma

Suhani Gupta
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